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Welcome. My name is Cole and I practice a form of body work which aligns the physical and emotional being which I call Body Synthesis. Specifically, I meditate before each session to tune into what’s going on with the body. I listen intuitively to the need as well as the need voiced by the client. Once I rest my hands on the body, my hands guide me to the areas that need most healing. I do my best to dispose of stressful energies that do not serve. My goal for each client is for them to feel relieved, calmer, more grounded, clearer, connected, uplifted, and cared for.  I attempt to meet the client’s needs to make your experience the best it can be.

By doing this work you will begin to not only release stress but create space for your desires to flow. (Or to receive what you are wanting) The more you clear, the more you hear, the more you see, the more you feel, the more you become present in your daily life and align with your highest good. Things begin to flow to and through you with magnificent ease. I am often amazed by this work as I receive the same gifts by giving to you.